Joziann Lewis Edit

Joziann Lewis is a Trinidadian Blogger/Book Critic. She was one of the first Book Critics from the Caribbean to be widely recognized for her reviews of young adult novels. At the beginning of 2015, Lewis ranked as #1 on the prominent website and app, Goodreads, as one of the top reviewers from Trinidad and Tobago. Her eye for books and keen knowledge on the various aspects of YA Fiction and other genres, caught the eyes of many individuals, resulting in her reviews being featured on numerous Youtube videos from rising authors. Joziann Lewis quickly surpassed many Book Critics in Social Media following in only a matter of months, due to her consistent reviews on Goodreads.

In 2016, Lewis was reportedly working on a Blog, which she revealed would be different from her usual topics of writing. This sparked confusion from many of her fans, at first. Joziann continued making book reviews throughout the year of 2016 and received many awards on Goodreads for her high rank. In April, she joined an app called Wattpad, where many famous authors first began their journey towards story writing. Lewis gradually worked her way up the ladder, leaving informative reviews on books and even collaborating with a few authors. In July, she uploaded the first chapter of a book titled: "On The Edge Of All Hope" which rapidly became one of the top trending stories of the app. The first chapter received over 1000 rates, and four more chapters were uploaded at later dates. Joziann's book acquired thousands of readers and many of her fans were in support of her writing. However, at the end of 2016, the book was removed from Joziann's Wattpad account and this left many people in a state of confusion and shock at what had happened. Lewis did not provide an explanation, but it is rumored that the book was removed so that she could publish it on Amazon.

In 2017, Lewis was off the radar until she finally returned with her blog, which she had promised at the start of 2016. Joziann's blog currently has over 11,000 readers worldwide. Lewis stated in her blog that it was a new experience for her and that the blog was not limited to a particular age category. The blog contains articles on controversial topics and current events, in which many of Lewis' fans support her opinion.